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Kingston Dental Care in St. Louis Missouri featuring complete Family Dentistry and including cosmetic, braces, invisalign, teeth whitening, crowns, bridges, surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Holistic Dentistry

Holistic medicine is an approach that has more recently come to the forefront of dentistry.  It embraces the idea that the body needs to be considered as a whole with one part affecting the other.  As it is applied to dentistry, this means that what affects the rest of the body will also affect the mouth and vice versa.

This means our general nutritional needs must be considered when it pertains to dentistry.  This includes but is not limited to homeopathic medicine, alternative and natural therapies. Also avoiding the use of amalgam fillings is a consideration.

While many ideas are controversial such as avoiding root canals, many dentists still considered amalgam fillings to be safe, even though non-metallic materials are popular for cosmetic reasons.  It is safe to say more dentists are embracing holistic methods to different degrees, thus raising the availability of organic and natural dentistry.

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